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A conscious society

Posted on 7 July, 2016 at 9:00 Comments comments (108)
My vision ( i'm sure it's shared by others also)
Personal empowerment is, above all else, the most important thing for a healthy society to thrive.
THEN shared power within the community for the greater good  working together we become a positive force for growth , change and evolution.
We can the decide to trade and move about to other communities with respect and  gratitude  for all

My need for a central government with ultimate power over a country and definitely no need for  a central world government, who' s power hungry leaders will dominate and control the masses

I voted IN ( EU referendum) , but not with any conviction and YET I wasn't displeased to see an OUT result either. For me, this is an opportunity for us all to take back our power and potentially stop any movement towards a EU super state and eventually one world state.

A EU super state or ONE world state IS NOT unity among the people it is a way to CONTROL the people....! 

This is my current opinion which is always open to change , evolution and growth.