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The shadow

Posted on 7 July, 2016 at 10:50 Comments comments (121)
When a dark mood, a depression or heaviness comes over you , there is little point in fighting it , for what you resist , persists . If you can find the courage and compassion for your unowned , darker parts of yourself, sit with it, walk with it , meditate with it ...embrace it as you would a guest or a friend ...for it has much to teach you'll also find that what you embrace will be erased and what can be welcomed in and owned will become part of the whole ...this is healing ...bring back the denied aspects of our self, the fragmented self back into one being . Carl Jung called it ' The Shadow' spiritual work. The discomfort felt in doing this work won't last the old saying goes ...this too shall pass . All moods, states of mind or anything that has form is transient like clouds, and the passing of such moods will go far quicker if one remembers the truth which is the unwavering, eternal , pristine formless sky that is -you and I