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Self Forgivness

Posted on 7 July, 2016 at 8:01

We teach what we need to learn the most !!!! 
Dont say "Sorry" . Say " Thank you for showing me as I am "
No need for apologies , just a recognition of what we are thinking / feeling / doing .Once we acknowledge how we are , we can then proceed to thank the other who has shown us , for enlightening us and helping us to grow as we are now  self aware  . Awareness is the light of consciousness ! Wherever we shine our light of consciousness the darkness and the dark parts of us are illuminated and can be owned and become part of the whole .Then comes self forgiveness need to seek forgivness from others for that doesn't free us ...what frees us is our ability to accept how we are , how we have been and guess what ourselves anyway , regardless . We can then move on, let go and proceed with a bit more self belief , and the darker parts no longer have so much power and domination over us and we need not hide from ourselves anymore

Categories: being myself, self forgivness, Self Growth, self honesty

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Wherever we shine our light of consciousness the darkness and the dark parts of us are illuminated and can be owned and become part of the whole.
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It's really hard but we need to learn how to do that. We need to forgive ourselves.
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8:03 on 30 November, 2018 
Being sorry all the time is not a good thing and that way we are neglecting our self. Once you accept who you are and why you are like this, you will understand why you shouldn’t be sorry every time.
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It's really important to forgive yourself. I understand why. And you know that too!
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Self Forgivness
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Self Forgivness
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Self Forgivness
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Self Forgivness
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Self Forgivness
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Self Forgivness
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Self Forgivness
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Self Forgivness
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The moments when we are angry with ourselves are very harmful to us. This self-damage causes more and more difficulties with communication with yourself each time.